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Rolling Prairie, Indiana is known for small town lifestyle. A majority of Rolling Prairie is rural, and the beautiful vast landscape gives the town a surreal feeling. Rolling Prairie is an amazing location for quiet living as it is only minutes away from city life. Enjoy delicious homestyle cooking at Jennie Rae’s, Little Tavern, and Cravin’s To Order. Here, every face is familiar, and every street holds a story. At MC Doors, we are proud to be one of those familiar faces as we have served a number of households with garage door repairs or replacements. 

Garage Door Repair & Replacement

A garage door should last you at least 30 years before a replacement is needed, but more often than not, some minor repairs may be needed to preserve the efficiency of your garage door. At MC Doors, our team of experts specializes in top-notch repairs to ensure your garage door operates smoothly. So when it is time for a change, you are sure to find something to compliment your home with our extensive range of options. We prioritize customer satisfaction through our services and using quality materials that are made to last. 

 Here are some signs or issues that could lead you to needing a garage door repair or even replacement:


Garage door is opening or closing too slowly: If you are experiencing a delayed open or closing from your garage door, this could be a sign of dried-out rollers or dirty tracks. With Winter’s freezing temperatures, it can make it more difficult for the garage door to move efficiently along the tracks. 

Garage door opening unevenly: Sometimes a garage door will start to open or close but can suffer from a malfunction if the rollers or tracks have rust or other damage. MC Doors can easily diagnose the problem and find a solution swiftly. 

Squeaky noise from garage door: This issue is simple and an easy fix. If your garage door is making squeaky noises, it is more than likely due to worn out or dry rollers.

Garage doors will not open and close: This issue can seem like the worst, but can normally be an easy fix. Our team of experts will diagnose the problem by checking your remote/ keypad or the garage door opener unit to see if a fuse has blown or if it has been disconnected from a power source.


Regardless of what issues you are experiencing, trust in MC Doors to find a solution! We specialize in both residential or commercial garage doors. If the time has come to replace your garage door, our expert team provides a seamless installation and a warranty.

Reliable Garage Door Repair and Replacement At MC Doors

In need of garage door repair or replacement? Look no further as MC Doors is here to provide quality service and excellent results! Give us a call at 219-874-6485, or fill out our request for a quote form. 


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