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Fifteen miles south of St. Joseph on Lake Michigan, you can find the snug community of Sawyer, Michigan. It is the ideal summer lake town that you would dream of visiting or settling down in! You can find food and entertainment in one of the great breweries or vineyards they house, or spend a day shopping in a local, family-owned antique shop. Sawyer is also home to Warren Dunes, one of Michigan’s largest, most popular parks. When residents or business owners need an improvement or renovation to their garage door, they always call MC Doors.

MC Doors has been a family owned business for more than 25 years, and we are proud to be the dependable team of garage door experts for all Sawyer residents.

Residential or Commercial Garage Door Installation

Did you know that garage door replacements and renovations are among the best home upgrades you can make? There is a 97.5% return nationwide! With that said, now is a great time to consider getting a new garage door installed for your home or business. 

For residential, the options are endless when it comes to style! Custom, unique, or basic styles, the choice is yours for your garage door. Not only are our products able to be customized to the appearance you desire, but they have extreme durability! When it isn’t sunny and warm in Sawyer, it is common that lake effect winters can be harsh. Fortunately, the doors you get installed from MC Doors can withstand those elements. 

At MC Doors, we want our clients to be confident that the door they chose will continue to operate smoothly and efficiently. That is why we have a warranty with every garage door purchased through us. We know unforeseen circumstances can come up, so we want you to feel protected when you purchase any garage door from our company.

For businesses in the market for a new garage door, MC Doors can handle it all! From warehouses to secure storage, our expert installers have the experience to get through the process in a breeze, all while giving you the best result.

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One of our representatives is eager to answer any questions or concerns you may have to get your Sawyer garage door looking great. Call us at 219-874-6485 or fill out our free estimate form today.


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