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Nestled in the heart of La Porte County and near the south shore of Lake Michigan, the charming city of La Porte thrives. While La Porte is known for its  historical downtown district with grand architecture, La Porte also offers a multitude of local businesses and growing families a charming place to live and work. As a family-owned business, MC Doors strives to make and maintain special connections with the La Porte community for any garage door services. Whether it be a residential or commercial garage door project, MC Doors has the professional technicians to complete the job in style.

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When you’re driving through Beverly Shores, it is common to be in awe with the gorgeous, timeless homes. To maintain the beauty of this community, the team at MC Doors works with the residents to find the perfect garage door that fits their home perfectly. 

Basic, unique, or custom, there are plenty of options to choose from when it is time to replace your garage door. With such a vast amount of space a garage door takes up, it is quite important that you are happy with the style, detailing, and overall aesthetic of the door. From classic wood barn doors to minimalist modern overhead doors, you’re guaranteed to love the outcome of your new garage door when you work with MC Doors.

When it comes time to customize your dream garage door, you must make some key choices. At MC Doors, we sell doors made from steel, wood, vinyl, aluminum and more. While the look is important, it should be considered that some materials require more maintenance than others, particularly with the moisture coming off of Lake Michigan and our often heavy snows. Rest assured–the professionals at MC Doors can recommend the best product for your home’s needs. 

We also offer the addition of windows to your door. Windows installed in your garage door will add natural light inside of your garage, all while adding a stylistic touch to your home. When deciding on window style and size, you should be aware that windows will add around 15% to 20% to the overall cost of your door.

Don’t be afraid to get creative! The color of your garage door is entirely up to you, as most standard options are included in the price of the door. There is also decorative hardware that you may want to select. Handles, hinges, knobs or straps can elevate the look of your garage door.

You can get a realistic vision of how your garage door will look when you use the Haas Create studio. With a vast array of configurations and options available, you can envision how your doors will look once installed.

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